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E-Mail Problems Have Been Resolved
The problems with the ACPS e-mail accounts have been resolved. However, parents should call the school if they recently sent any emails regarding grades, college applications, or other school matters in order to verify that any emails sent were actually received by the school.

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Permission forms for the 2014 Maryland FBLA State Leadership Conference are due March 4, 2015.

First payment of $125.00 made payable to Allegany High School is due March 10, 2015 to Mrs. Edwards in Room 127.


History of Allegany

Allegany High School was initially a secondary education school held on Maryland Avenue. The school had many different locations including the building on Greene Street, which was used as a combined middle/high school until the spring of 1926. At that time, the building now known as Allegany High School had been completed and was prepared to accept Greene Street’s high school students. Middle school students remained on Greene Street until the school later burned down in 1932. “Camp Hill,” the site of the present day Allegany, was a federal army camp during the Civil War.

The “Camper” mascot is a source of much confusion. Many think the name refers to Campobello, a Shawnee Indian Tribe camp, from which the federal army took their name during the Civil War. This, however, is a misconception. The most widely accepted theory is that Civil War General Lewis Wallace and his men began calling the site that during their time here. The word Campobello in fact does not appear in any Native American language and is derived from Latin, meaning “camp of war”.

Allegany High School, with an enrollment of approximately 800 students, focuses on student achievement and success in all areas of education through a combined effort of students, faculty, staff, home, and community. The class of 2008 marked an important milestone for Allegany: the students were the 120th class to graduate from the long-standing institution.

Vision/Mission Statements

Allegany High School

Education must be a cooperative effort involving the student, the teacher, the home, the school, and the community. Recognizing that the student must be the focal point of our education program, we must instill a desire for learning and create a learning environment in which the student can learn and develop according to ability and interest. The curriculum must emphasize life skills, preparation for continuing education, and preparation for employment to enable our students to become responsible citizens and enjoy a productive life. The school must ensure an atmosphere that will promote learning through the cooperative effort of staff, students, family, and community working together.

Preparing all students for tomorrow’s challenges – life, college, and career

School administrators have the ultimate responsibility for administering student discipline. Depending on the seriousness of the violation, administrators have the authority to determine the range of severity of the disciplinary action. At the request of a principal, the superintendent or his designee may suspend a student for more than 10 schools days, or expel the student. If a student is removed from the regular education program that he/she attends at school through an expulsion or suspension from school, the student is no permitted on school property and may not attend or participate in school-sponsored activities. We are reminding students that if expulsion or alternative placement is determined for a student due to disciplinary reasons, the student jeopardizes his/her opportunity and the availability to continue in classes such as Honors, AP, or duel enrollment courses that may not be available in alternative programs, as well as co-curricular activities and school events. We encourage all students to respect self and others and to exhibit responsibility.